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UEG - Is an amalgamation of companies that have come together for the single purpose of leaving a smile on the face of our customers. We are made of several entertaiment service which come together to offer a full line of products as one service. We have come to be known as a one stop resource for your event services. Imagine a place where you can book your Photographer, DJ, Photobooth, and even services like face paints and bouncey houses. Well no more need to imagine. You have found it in URSCENE Entertainment Group. Learn More About Us By Choosing Clicking A Service Below!

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Includes A Digital Promo Flyer, Virtual DJ, Virual Photobooth, and Virtual Platform.

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We take great pride in creating instant art out of your memories. We aim to create timeless memories that you can enjoy a lifetime. A gift that you can bestow on your next generation when the time is right. Let us enrich the lives of your loved ones with memories that will never fade. Our photos will preserve the love you have for each other for many generations too come. To us taking pictures is more than just a job or a contract. It’s the ability to capture a special moment in time as it happens and freeze cherished moments for an eternity. Remember, a picture tells more than just a thousand words, it tells the story of your life. Learn More

Tel: 301-541-FLIX [3549]

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As Seen in The Knot Magazine


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“Magic Mirror at the Ball (or party, or Wedding, or sporting game, or prom, or company, or...(well you get the drift), who’s party is BEST OF ALL?!?!” With a touch of the mirror, its speaks backs to you: Of course your event is the grandest of all, because you have a Reflection Magic, Mirror PhotoBooth! Some of the best moments happen with photo booths, but the Reflection Magic Mirror PhotoBooth takes even the best moments and make then MAGICAL! We’ve all used photo booths at many of our friends’ weddings, parties, and events, so you know first hand the great memories they can provide. But...what if you could combine photos and video? Maybe you would like to have some animated photos? Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, reunion, school function, fundraising effort or a night together with a group of great friends, we guarantee that we’ll bring the fun that keeps the party going and capture all the moments you won’t want to forget! 
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Tel: (804) 4-MIRROR [647767] 

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As Seen in The Knot Magazine


Some of the top DJ's in our Service Area are in our arsenal and an ready to service your event. Regardless of the size of the event, type of event, or budget. Our DJ's come with a sound experience that will leave your guest drenched with sweat from their inability to leave the dance floor. No other company offers the range and coverage of music like our top nothched players.

Tel: (301) 541-3549

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We are adding more services under our entertainment umbrella. Check back often.